Field: Taking Preemptive Measures to Keep Team Members Safe

The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that in 2012 there were 2,976,400 work place injuries reported. In that same year, Field had its last recordable work place injury to date.  Field has gone 682 consecutive days without a recordable injury and has taken several measures to maintain a safe work environment for their employees.

Director of HR and Safety Coordinator, Tim Firm

Director of HR and Safety Coordinator, Tim Firm

Some of those measures include having a cross-functional Safety Team that meets monthly to address concerns and issues about safety at Field. The team makes recommendations and implements proactive ways to help keep Field a safe place to work. The Safety Team also conducts bi-monthly safety audits to catch Field team members in the act of being safe, and rewards them for doing so.

“The entire Field Team embraces safety as part of our culture that is highly people focused.  It takes everyone placing a high priority on working safely and on maintaining a safe work environment to reduce or eliminate hazards and provide a safe place to work,” states Tim Firm, Director of HR and Safety Coordinator at Field.

Because of the safety measures the Field team is taking, the team is receiving the 2014 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award from the National Safety Council. Congratulations Field and continue to be safe!