Who is Field? Part 2: Commitment

Our last post talked about our most important Core Value, Integrity. In this post we will be talking about another Core Value we have at Field: Commitment.

Field’s mission statement is to have EVERYONE who interacts with us, LOVE US.  Everyone includes suppliers, customers, team members, and the members of the communities where we live and work. Our team is Committed to giving their best and to do what is right and this Commitment shows in every level of our business.View More: http://ctysonphotography.pass.us/field-fastener

The Field VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) program is one example of our Commitment to our customers. The individuals that deliver fasteners and other Class ‘C’ Commodities go above and beyond.  Our VMI team makes it a priority to learn about what our customers are doing on the production floor and learn about production flow so we can adjust inventory levels as needed. Our VMI team also keeps track of slow moving inventory and product that currently isn’t on VMI but should be. Suggestions on inventory levels and VMI products are discussed with our customers.  It is this loyalty and Commitment to doing what is right that we can say we have the best fastener VMI program in the business.

We also make a Commitment to our customers to lower their fastener costs year over year. We contractually guarantee it. Our world class engineering department is Committed to finding cost reduction opportunities and they have saved our customers over $4,000,000 in the last 5 years. We see it as our responsibility to find and implement improvement opportunities through a variety of engineering services including technical line reviews, part consolidations, and product teardowns. We are the best in the industry at reducing costs from a technical standpoint.

Nothing demonstrates our Commitment at Field any better than our community involvement. Our team has had 100% participation in the United Way for the last 7 years. No other company in the Rock River Valley can come close to that number.

There are many levels of Commitment at Field, and our team is Committed to giving the best service possible, from our team that works in the warehouse, to our VMI team, from accounting, to the members of our leadership team, we want EVERYONE we interact with on a daily basis to feel the LOVE we have for them.