Who is Field? Part 3: Teamwork

This post is the third in a 6 part series entitled “Who is Field?”  Each post highlights one of Field’s 6 core values.DSC00178-2

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of teamwork is, “the work or activity of a number of persons acting together as a team.”

Field embodies the definition of teamwork in almost every aspect.  In regards to the structure of the company, we work in cross-functional teams like a community to ensure reciprocity and quality throughout each functional area.  For example, our quality and sourcing teams collaborate closely with our account managers, engineers, sales team, and distribution center to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality parts exactly when they need them and where they need them.   We make sure everyone is on the same page by holding company wide Friday morning meetings in which the entire staff attends.   In these meetings we provide updates of what is going on in each functional area. Every member of our team is encouraged to participate and ask questions and give answers. We also have every functional area involved when a prospect, customer, or supplier comes to Field for a visit.

Perhaps the most noticeably exuberated word at Field is “partnership”.  Field is more than parts. We’re your partner.  We work tirelessly as a team to find our customers cost reduction opportunities and the best quality products.  Our sourcing team works hard to find the best product at the best prices. Our quality team works in the lab inspecting the fasteners our customers are purchasing to make sure there are no quality issues before we ship the product out.  Our account managers work hard for our customers making sure they have the right product, at the right time. Our data-driven VMI program can eliminate waste, ensure product availability, and reduce our customer’s labor costs, inventory, and overhead. Our Field engineering team evaluates every aspect of our customers business, from product design to workflow to improve quality and cost reductions on fastening.

Everyone at Field is involved in the process in some way to help our customers. From our owners, to outside sales, to VMI, account managers, to our engineering team. You can count on Field to work together as a team and to do what is right for our customers.