Who is Field? Part 6: Fun

This post is the last in a 6 part series entitled “Who is Field?”  Each post highlights one of Field’s 6 core values.

When someone asks what it’s like to work for Field the majority of team members will respond “It’s fun”. So when a Field team member says it’s ‘fun’ to work at Field, what does that really mean? Perhaps the best way to look at fun is to take a moment and look at what isn’t fun at work.  It isn’t fun to work for a company that has a protocol that must be followed and doesn’t allow you to get something for a customer without constantly asking your team leader. It’s not fun to work for a company that doesn’t value your time with your family. It’s not fun to work for a company that doesn’t have a desire to give back to their community. It’s not fun to work for a company that doesn’t have a clear vision.  None of these things happen at Field.View More: http://ctysonphotography.pass.us/field-fastener

Working for Field is fun because our team is empowered to do what is right, and to make decisions that are best for our customers.  Working for Field is fun because Field is flexible and places a value on our time with our families. We are a culture that gives back to our community, we have a clear vision and know where we want to go, and we work in an environment that encourages us to get to know other team members outside of work so we form lasting relationships.  What’s better than coming to work every day and working with people that you enjoy spending time with?

At Field, fun means working together as a team to achieve our mission, to have everyone who interacts with us LOVE us. In our first post in the Who is Field? series we talk about how we hire to our core values.  Hiring to our core values makes Field a great place to work, it makes Field a FUN place to work.  We hire people with integrity, so we can count on each other to do the right thing. We hire people who are committed to Field and our customers. We hire people that work well in teams;  it’s not only fun to work with others it’s also more productive which is beneficial for our customers. We hire people who can be flexible for our customers, and Field is flexible with their team member as well.  We have a lot of fun being innovative and trying to find new ways to find cost reductions for our customers.  At Field we LOVE what we do; we help our customers build things that can make an impact on the world. We are so much more than nuts and bolts, we are Field, and that is FUN.