An All Around Approach. Part 2: Fastener Supply Chain Solutions

This is the second post in a 7 part series entitled ‘An All Around Approach’. Part 2: Fastener Supply Chain Solutions.  We will focus this series on how we provide cost reductions for our customer throughout the entire organization.

One of the more obvious factors in reducing costs for our customers comes from reducing the price of the fastener. To do this, globeyou must have an outstanding sourcing team dedicated to finding quality products at the best prices. As a growing organization, Field continues to strive to obtain the best strategic partners throughout the world.  Our Vision for our fastener supply chain solution is:

Develop a supply base to maximize our competitiveness, minimize supply chain inventory, and develop supplier relationships with emphasis on quality of product, services and business philosophy.  Suppliers will meet commitments, focus on continuous improvement, be responsive and responsible.

Our sourcing goal is to partner with suppliers that strive for alignment in the fastener supply chain and put a strong value on relationships.  It is those intangibles that catapult a typical supplier into a strategic partner that Field targets additional growth with.

Within a global economy we understand the need to be competitive within the market place and in specific situations that requires Field to source product internationally.  While we do look for cost reductions for our customers through our sourcing, it is quality of the product that is most important to us.  When we look to source internationally there can be additional challenges with logistics and communication.  It is important that our strategic partners in low cost regions meet the same standards and expectations as our domestic sources, which include quality, clear communication, delivery, and flexibility.

As a sourcing organization within Field our goal is to be the best in the industry and to help our customers with cost reduction.  We continue to develop team members and processes in order to achieve excellence in serving our internal customers and forging relationships with our supply base.  As we continue to grow as an organization it is our mission to develop our team with the necessary training and tools to afford our team growth opportunities.

As we look towards the future of Field and the role of sourcing within that future we are excited to grow and adapt to changing market needs, global cultures, and customer requirements.  We will continue to put a large emphasis on the growth of our organization to better serve our customer and elevate the relationships with our supply partners to the next level.

Authors: Brandon Plock and Melissa Patel, Sourcing