An All Around Approach. Part 3: Quality

This post is the third in a 7 part series entitled ‘An All Around Approach’. We will focus this series on how we provide cost reductions for our customers throughout the entire organization.

When are many cost savings opportunities found?  Answer: During the initial review of customer samples and specs. Prior to qualityquoting, the Quality team at Field compiles a new customer’s inputs, analyzes the parts, and produces a list of discrepancies and follow ups for customer resolution.  While discrepancies in sample, print, and description are common, more important are the follow ups.

Often, the optimal fastener for an application is not a part of the final product.  Since Field seeks first to understand the customer requirements and application, we can identify opportunities to remove cost and increase commercial availability during the initial quality review.  The follow ups can represent significant cost savings and/or lead time reductions.

The comprehensive review of customer samples and specifications oft finds that important customer requirements were not met by previous suppliers.  This happens over time due to poor supplier change controls.  As with existing customers, Field ensures each part gets an individual plan and scrutiny throughout its life cycle from quoting to PPAP and as part of ongoing resourcing and engineering cost savings projects.  Field manages the entire process and excels with the upfront assurance of an ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System diligent on mastering its customer requirements.

There are many ways Field’s quality focus promotes ongoing cost savings, but all of them, along with savings you’ll see from our other functional areas, build upon the initial mastery of each customer and their own unique requirements.

Author: Tony Blaine, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement