The Field Journey

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Here at Field, we are very proud of our culture and how we’ve grown over the last 25 years. We invite you to take a moment and watch our video blog series entitled, The Field Journey, and explore Field in a different way. During this series we will explore the beginning of Field, how the Field culture began, the inspiration behind our VMI and Engineering programs, and what the future may possibly hold for Field.

This is a 9 part video blog series, each week a new video will be posted where we explore Field’s past, present, and future.


In the first video of our new series, The Field Journey, Bill discusses why he, and his brother Jim, decided to purchase Field Fastener from Dick Field. He talks about some of the more memorable ups & downs of the first few years.


We invite you to watch the second video in our blog series, The Field Journey. In this week’s video Field Chairman, Bill Derry, explains how our data-driven VMI and our world-class engineering programs came to be.


In video 3 of our blog series, The Field Journey, Bill discusses the importance of putting a priority on Field team members, customers, suppliers, and the community and how that priority helped shape Field’s unique culture.


In video 4 of The Field Journey, we shift our focus to the present where Field President, Jim Derry, talks about Field’s lean initiatives and how the recession of 2009 impacted Field’s decision making process.


In video 5 of our blog series, Jim talks about two main components that separate Field from other fastener distributors:

1. Our fastener engineering support, where we find ways to take costs out of our customers products

2. Our world class VMI programs, where we use data to drive replenishment decisions so our customer never run out of fasteners.


In video 6 of The Field Journey, Jim discusses how the team embraces Field’s core values which helps enhance the culture. He also talks about how the audacious goal of getting Field to $100 Million helps provide a new sense of clarity in every aspect of the business.


What does the future of Field look like? In video 7 of our series, Adam Derry talks about his journey to Field. He also discusses his thoughts on Field’s Centers of Excellence, what Field’s geographical footprint may look like, and how Field is using technology to change the industry standard of having locations on every corner.


In video 8 of our series, Adam takes a deeper dive into Field’s engineering services and the different ways engineering will continue to support Field’s value proposition in the future. Adam talks about why he see’s VMI moving to more POU type systems and using lean processes and value stream mapping to get the most out of those systems. He also discusses the possibility of Field becoming WERC certified and being a best in class distributor.


In the last video of The Field Journey blog series, Adam talks about how Field has embraced technology as a way to conserve our culture as we continue to grow. He discusses how the use of technology is changing the way our prospects communicate with us and how we communicate with them. Adam also talks about and introduces us to, Spartacus, Field’s Double Robotics robot. He discusses the positive impact Spartacus has made at Field and how Spartacus fits into the Field culture.