Safety: A Team Effort, An Individual Commitment

At Field our approach to Safety is -It’s a team effort with an individual COMMITMENT from each TEAM MEMBER. Field was recognized in November 2014 as one of America’s safest companies by EHS TODAY Magazine.  In the month of June 2015 our team surpassed 1000 days with no recordable injury. This accomplishment is something our team is very proud of. We celebrated by giving every team member a commemorative t-shirt as you can see from the picture to the right.

“Safety at FIELD has been a worthwhile journey and is now deeply engrained into our Culture. As focused as we are on our Customers, we are equally committed to the well being of each FIELD TeamDSC00164-3 Member. We are relentless in our prevention activities to ensure ALL Team members return safely to their families each and every day.”- Doug Warner Vice President of Operations and Logistics

A good workplace safety and wellness program lowers the cost of doing business. It lowers employer insurance costs, leads to better worker morale, increased productivity and reduces downtime due to accidents.

“Field needs to be able to count on each team member to perform his or her role at the highest level. Injuries and illnesses can place a hardship on our ability to meet our customers’ needs if we have people unable to perform their duties because of injury or unwilling to perform their duties because of unsafe conditions” – Tim Firm Director of Human Resources

At the core of our Safety program we have a 10 member cross functional safety team & 9 trained first responders.  The safety team meets monthly, our agenda includes a review of any open safety concerns, reviewing and discussing potential hazards, bi-monthly safety audits of both our DC and office, and planning future safety drills. Since the inception of our safety audits our team has reviewed and closed over 230 different safety-related items. Field also has regularly scheduled all-team member safety DSC00165-3trainings.

Fields SAFETY CULTURE also promotes the WELLNESS of our Team. Field has an on-site fitness center, healthy snacks, and an annual wellness fair for team members and their significant other.

As a team we are continuously looking at ways to improve the safety of our operations.  Material handling is at the heart of our Distribution Center, we are always looking for new and INNOVATIVE ways to minimize the risks associated with product movement. This has been accomplished thru the use of different material handling equipment and the continuous pursuit for better equipment and processes.   Field has been aggressively working with suppliers to limit the weight of our package product; this is not only for the safety of the Field team but also for the safety of our customers.


John Oldham