Field Figures: The Measure of a good company culture

Last week’s blog post was about the measure of a good company from the a customer perspective,  but what measurements do you use to measure if the company has a good culture?   Just like customer retention tells you if a company is treating the customers with respect, employee retention can tell you if a company is treating their employees well.  Field has an outstanding reputation for Team Member retention. With an average length of service of 7.34 years Field has to be a great place to work, right?

Working at Field is unlike any opportunity, because Field wants their Team Members to be successful. A main focus for Field is professional development. There are many opportunities for training, both within the company as well as continuing your education outside the company.20150616_144313

Personal growth is another area in which Field helps its Team Members succeed. This is possible through volunteering in the community. Together Field has provided both physical labor and financial support to 22 non-profit organizations. By providing these experiences, Team Members are able to engage in new opportunities they might not have been able to experience otherwise.

While working at Field you notice a few unique things written on the walls in the Great room; the first is the Mission Statement, “To have everyone who interact with us Love us!” Everyone includes customers, suppliers, the community and Field’s own Team Members.

The second thing written on our wall is Field’s 6 Core Values; integrity, commitment, flexibility, innovation, teamwork, and fun! Field makes it a priority to hire to the core values; so it is safe to say that every Team Member at Field possess all of these unique qualities. Hiring to our core values means that Field is a better place to work than most, because everyone is committed to Field and willing to do what is right and give it their all. You won’t find anyone at Field who isn’t pulling their weight or trying their best to make sure our customers are well taken care of. Hiring to our core values is a prime reason why Field’s retention is so high. If Field didn’t hire people with Integrity or who were committed to Field, imagine how low the retention rate would be. When you walk into Field it is evident that there is a passion and a drive from the team to work together to make Field a great place to work.

“Working relationships become partnerships, which turn into friendships.” –Tim Firm Director of Human Resources.


Author: Tiffany Kiesling | Field Intern