Fieldamental #2: Deliver Legendary Service


In all situations, act in the best interests of our customer, even if it’s to our own short-term detriment. You’re empowered to do what’s necessary, so create extraordinary experiences they’ll tell others about. Amaze our customers, and create customer loyalty by doing the unexpected.

What does legendary service mean and why is it important to Field?  The most appropriate definition of Field Fastener Legendary Servicethe word “legendary” I found is “remarkable enough to be famous; very well known”.  We need to strive to deliver this level of service to our customer’s and we need to understand that our internal customers are as important as our external customers.  Providing legendary service is one of the best ways to ensure that our customers “Love us”, our mission as a company.  Another important aspect of this Fieldamental is to focus on the long term aspects of our relationships with customers.  There are times when we need to make decisions that could have a negative short term impact on Field but provide the best long term solution for the customer.  This could be agreeing to pay expedited freight, shipping replacement parts, coming in early or staying late and many other examples.  Field team members are empowered to make these decisions!  We share our vision, plans, and progress so the entire Field Team knows what we are striving for.  The team members at Field are in the best position to make the daily decisions that support our long terms plans, even if there is a short term, negative impact on Field.  Providing legendary service does not come easy, and sometimes has a cost to deliver.

The last component of this Fieldamental refers to doing the unexpected to amaze customers.  I think this is really the key to being viewed as being different.  How can we anticipate what the customer would really like?  What can we do to proactively prevent something from going wrong?  What can we give to our customers before they ask us for it?

When we deliver legendary service to our customers, we create a vivid image and “story” of what it is like to be a Field customer.   Our goal is for our customers to share this “story” of the legendary service we’ve provided them.  Sometimes the best opportunity to provide legendary service is when things don’t go as planned or we are dealing with a real problem.  This is the time to “pull out all the stops”, do whatever is necessary to make things right.  Find a way to take care of the customer.  The true test of the character of a person, or an organization, is what happens when there is a problem or set back.