Fieldamental #5: Be Vigilant About Safety

BE VIGILANT ABOUT SAFETY.  Know and practice the safety procedures for your job.  Watch out for the safety of your team members as well, for you are your brother’s keeper.  Never take shortcuts that compromise your safety or that of your team members.

Some of our Fieldamentals challenge us set the bar higher than our current performance, others were Field 1000 days of safetywritten to reinforce behaviors at Field that we do very well.  Being vigilant about safety has been one of our greatest strengths over the past several years.  It is so important that we can’t take our past success for granted or let our guard down.  Being vigilant about safety will help ensure that all team members get home safely after work every day!  We truly are concerned about our team’s heath and well being and are committed to creating a very safe work environment.

To make Field the safest workplace possible, we all need to be committed to doing our jobs safely and never taking shortcuts that could compromise our safety, or the safety of others.  We also need to be aware of anything that could become a safety hazard in the future.  If you see anything that you think could become an issue, report it immediately.  Many of us with children, especially little ones, have developed a greater sense of urgency around safety, in our homes and anywhere our children are.  I encourage all of us to look at our facilities as an extension of our homes and imagine small children running around ever where.  How could we make Field a safer place for our children?  Our safety team has done a great job being proactive and aggressively making countless improvements to prevent possible safety issues.  Thanks for a job well done!

One very specific safety topic that needs additional focus is driving.  Many of us drive as a part of our job and virtually all of us drive regularly.  Texting, reading, or sending e-mails is against the law, against what we stand for and is absolutely NOT safe, please do not text and drive!  Please use a hands free connection when you talk on a cell phone when driving!  Please remind other Field team members of this if you are driving with them.  Please be safe while driving, again, we want you to get home safely at the end of every day.

We have established a great safety track record in Rockford with over 1200 days without a recordable safety event and the team in Tyler has done a great job over the past 500 days since joining the Field Team establishing a real commitment to operating safely.  I really appreciate the effort our team puts into making Field a safe place to work, let’s keep the momentum going!