Merry Christmas 2015

T’was the night before Christmas Santa Claus
Santa had lots of stops to make
When he suddenly had to press on the sleigh brake.
But something went wrong, and he landed with a smash
A bolt had come off and caused the sleigh to crash
Santa didn’t want Christmas to be a big flop
but how was he going to make all of his stops?
He looked at his list of those naughty and nice
He was distraught as he sat there alone on the ice
Tears filled his eyes for the good girls and boys
Would wake up the next morning without any toys.
When out of the silence and still of the night
He heard a voice, like a bell, singing out “Are you alright?”
When what to his wandering eyes did appear
But a fastener delivery van and a Field Engineer!
He laughed when he saw him get out of the vanSanta Claus
And he said “Not anyone can fix this sleigh, but I know that you can.”
“We don’t have much time to be messing around”
So off to work went the Field Engineer with a bound.
On the fasteners he found some evidence of rust
He thought to himself, “I have to fix this sleigh, I must!”
He looked at the sleigh runner and then tilted his head
“Santa I know just what to do.” The Field Engineer said.
“It’s seems you’ve been landing on surfaces that aren’t nice
In places where they use a lot of salt to melt the ice.”
“Aggressive corrosion is the cause of the sleigh runner mounting bolt crack
But don’t worry, I’ll get some dip spin coated fasteners and be right back.”
When he had finished he looked all around
To see if all the issues on the sleigh had been found
He noticed the sleigh could possibly weigh a little less
This would make it easier for the reindeer to pull without so much stress
The Field Engineer reviewed bolted joints all over the sleigh,
He recommended titanium screws for certain joints to reduce the weight.
He then switched out the screws and said ,“Here you go mate,
Your reindeer can now pull the sleigh faster, which will increase your present delivery rate.Night before Christmas
Your sleigh is all fixed you can get on with your night
Christmas has been saved, everything is now all right.”
Santa hoped in his sleigh and as he drove out of sight
He yelled back to the Field Engineer “Merry Christmas to all, Field saved the night!”



Author: Christy Behnke | Marketing Coordinator