Field’s Commitment To Safety

In the world of uncertainties, Field is ensuring that our number one commitment is for the safety and security of our Team Members, their families, customers, suppliers and the communities we operate in.  Field has taken every precaution to ensure we have a safe work environment that remains productive.  The majority of our team is able to work from home, and a variety of precautions and best practices are in place to keep our front line team members as safe as possible.  We have implemented a COVID Team to ensure that procedures are regularly getting updated based on the latest information, critical questions, and best ideas from our team. The COVID Team is currently meeting at least three times per week, and official updates and information are shared with the greater Field team at least once a week.

Safety has continued to be a large focus for Field and our excellent safety record is a testament to this. Safety is discussed and encouraged on an on-going basis here at Field. Alongside our COVID Team, Field has a Safety Team that meets on a monthly basis to discuss any issues regarding the well-being of the team as a whole and is dedicated to providing direction regarding Field’s Environmental, Health, and Safety standards.  The Safety Team conducts monthly inspections and audits, addresses questions and concerns, evaluates safety procedures, and assists in injury/accident prevention.

Here at Field, Safety is a commitment. It is a commitment to our team, families, customers, suppliers, and our community. Caring about one another and watching out for one another creates a natural commitment to safety that goes beyond a list of rules and regulations. The relationships that exist among team members throughout Field makes it easy to embrace a culture of safety!