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More than Parts, we’re your fastening partner. Field is a full-service, data-driven, on-demand engineering partner with a unique, technical approach to inventory management and supply chain solutions for fasteners and other Class “C” items.  Field is the best in the industry at lowering your total cost of fastening. Guaranteed.

When you partner with Field, you’re partnering with experts who will enable your organization to run more efficiently and more profitably.  Field has helped thousands of organizations:

  • Spend less time managing supply levels and purchasing fasteners, and more time streamlining on their operations
  • Spend less time worrying about and validating fastening and joining methods, and more time designing their products
  • Reduce their inventory levels and supply base through the use of our “best-in-class” supply base and innovative inventory management programs

And best of all, our fastening expertise is not tied up with one or two engineers; it’s pervasive throughout the organization.  From our owners, to outside sales, to VMI technicians, to account managers, to the actual engineering group, no one knows more about fastening than Field.  We’re quite proud of the fact that Field’s technical approach to fastening and empowered team of experts have yielded 19% year-on-year growth since 1990.

Field Guide

Key considerations when choosing a fastening partner

No two fastener suppliers are alike—find out what to look for in a true fastener supply partner. The right choice could save, or cost, you millions.

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