Engineering Review and Part Redesign Yields $75,390 in Piece Price Savings


During a technical line review at a prospective customer’s facility, the Field engineering team observed a cumbersome and time consuming assembly process to a three component diaphragm. Upon further evaluation of the part, the Field team discovered that the manufacturing process to make these components was costly due to the scrap and time involved with machining the parts.


The Field engineering team eliminated the challenges associated with assembly by redesigning the three piece assembly to a single component by recommending a hot forging process. The near net shape forming minimized the machining and wasted material. This process, coupled with Field’s design input, yielded a part with a stronger metal, decreased assembly time, and provided significant piece price savings.


The Field Team redesigned the parts for hot forging which required some slight changes in the tolerances without requiring any changes to the mating parts, installation process, or assembly tools. The redesign led to a cost savings based on a 71,800 piece EAU.
– SKU Reduction
– Stronger Components
– Improved Design
– Original Product Design Cost: $212,528
– Field Redesign Cost: $137,138
Piece Price Savings: $75,390