Gear box pinion nut redesign

Field Redesign and Procurement Yielded $32,700 in Total Savings


The Field team initiated an engineering review of a customer’s product that revealed a problem they were having with a specific part. The machined part was subject to occasional cracking, due to the notch-sensitive nature of parts produced by the screw machining process. Part dimensions needed to be largely maintained due to the plan to install an automated parts feeding system at assembly.


The Field team evaluated the part and developed a new design and suggested an alternative manufacturing process, with only limited machining required. The cold forming process, coupled with Field’s design input, yielded a part that was work hardened and had increased performance and a decrease in quality issues.


The Field Team redesigned the part for cold heading. This required some slight changes in the tolerances and radii of the part but no changes to any of the mating parts, installation process, or tools. The slight modification led to a cost savings based on a 35,000 piece EAU

  • Reduced Warranty Claim….$25,000
  • Original Product Design to Customer $55,300
  • Less the Field Redesign Cost of the Product $47,600


 Total Cost Savings with Field:   $32,700