High Voltage, Life Critical, Glove Inflator Redesign

Fastening Redesign Yields Savings of $44,470, Equating to 6.4X the Cost of the Fastener


A prospective customer approached the Field team with a request for a quote on a fastener.

Prior to quoting the fastener, Field requested to walk the customer’s production floor to review the application of the fastener. The current design required the operator to count out six stainless steel machine screws and manually insert six lead washers prior to assembly. The assembly then required the use of a very expensive riveted nut that occasionally came loose during installation causing scrap and rework. The constant fastening problems and labor-intensive assembly methods put a high total cost on the finished product.


The Field engineering team streamlined the production process by utilizing a high-performance thread-forming screw, which eliminated the expensive riveted nut. This new design also included a neoprene-backed washer, which was pre-assembled to the fastener. These pre-assembled, SEMS screws also featured a 6-lobe recess to assist with operator ergonomics and consistency. The new fastener design decreased the assembly time and production costs while increasing consistency and sealing of the joint.


Field validated the design with testing, drafted prints, and made recommendations on the assembly method.  Field then worked with the customer to implement the new fastening process.  Within months of the change, the Field customer realized significant cost savings and a streamlined assembly process:

  • 86% Assembly Time Reduction
  • Product cost reduction of $25,316: $2,013 savings in fasteners + $23,303 savings in stampings
  • Eliminated Scrap Due to Inconsistency
  • Total Cost Reduction = 6.4X the cost of the fasteners!

Total Annual Cost Savings with Field’s Design $44,470