Team Approach Yields Cost Savings for Customer


Observation and Solution

Upon reviewing a customer’s request for a quote for new parts, a Field account manager discovered several parts being ordered had a special plating request. The plating requested was a high end organic finish that would provide a great resistance to corrosion, but would require multiple setup charges.

Due to the lower volume in annual quantities there would be an extensive cost to have the parts plated.

The Field account manager contacted the customer, determined the proper engineering contact, discussed the application, and provided a complete quote analysis making recommendations on several parts to convert from the high end plating to a standard stainless steel.


After it was determined that the customer wanted to review the stainless alternative, the Field engineering team performed an analysis on the parts. The Field team provided a complete proposal and helped the customer implement the new parts, which saved our customer $ 33,523 annually.


Observation and Solution

While on the production floor at a customer’s facility an onsite VMI rep noticed our customer was using 8 different sizes of zip ties on one line.  He proactively sought out to find if the customer really used all of the different zip ties, and if possibly 1 zip tie could replace seven of the ties.


The Field on site VMI representative worked with the customer’s engineering team and discovered that they would be able to consolidate 4 zip ties very easily.

With the elimination of 4 different zip ties Field was able to save our customer $39,670.

These are just two examples of many where our cross functional training has benefited our customers.  We put a significant emphasis on training our entire team to be the most technically knowledgeable fastener experts around.