VMI Programs

Of course, competitive pricing, value-added engineering and fastening expertise only matter if your parts are in the right place at the right time. For 20 years, our data-driven, best-in-class, vendor-managed inventory systems have turned production lines into streamlined marvels.

Core Competencies

Field’s VMI Programs Reduce
Costs, Procurement Time,
Inventory and Aggravation.

Demand more from your VMI Program.

Through real-time communication between your inventory and the global supply base, Field’s VMI programs will ensure you have the right amount of parts at the right time, at the most competitive cost on the market.

We act as an extension of your organization, using a data-driven approach to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that’s proven to dramatically reduce costs, inventory, and overhead for your business, while greatly increasing turns and availability, and improving manufacturing process efficiencies.

Our global reach means we can provide product and VMI services anywhere you need them in the world. We’ll efficiently and cost-effectively manage your requirements while customizing a program to fit your specific needs.

The proactive, engineering-based management of our VMI program means you’ll always have appropriate stocking levels based on your business conditions and need. Data driven above all else, we’ll perform a root cause analysis on any shortage that occurs and provide you with data that can help your organization accurately forecast.

Moreover, our proactive Continuous Improvement Process means we always look to improve the program before failures occur, reducing our compliance rate as well as your downtime. From prep to just-in-time restocking, Field is more than just parts. We’re your partner, with the systems, passion, people, experience and inventory to support your changing needs.


Bin Stocking VMI Program

You don’t need just any Bin Stocker. You need a trained Field technician who will visit your facility and interact with your shop floor personnel. One who will act as your account representative, visually auditing stock quantities and creating a personalized order for items below the minimum quantity by utilizing a bin barcode and scanner. Your Field technician will make inventory decisions on-site and utilize technology to ensure product availability – focusing on continuous improvement of the system. While on-site, your Field technician will evaluate the production floor to identify opportunities that improve your workflow as well.


Point of Use (POU) Replenishment

Material handling costs, errors and stock-out rates increase as more hands touch the parts. They increase even more as those materials are moved from one place to another within the production floor. Point of Use Replenishment focuses on maintaining inventory as close to the point it is used as possible. This promotes greater efficiency by streamlining the process and reduces waste while ensuring inventory is at your workers’ stations when they need it.


In-Plant Store

If you are looking for active, daily, on-site inventory management solutions and want consignment inventory on-site, our “In-plant Store” system is your solution. This service is an add-in feature of our VMI program, offering on-site vendor warehousing where Field maintains inventory and staff within your manufacturing site.

With a host of additional programming support, including Consignment KANBAN, EDI, Camera, On Line Portal, or Networked Scales, Field can take your VMI program to a whole new level of cost savings and efficiency. Guaranteed savings now and in the future is how Field demonstrates that we’re more than just parts; we’re your partner.


Field Guide

Key considerations when choosing a fastening partner

No two fastener suppliers are alike—find out what to look for in a true fastener supply partner. The right choice could save, or cost, you millions.

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Smarter VMI & Seamless Transition

The FIELD Results:

  • 90% reduction in system management time
  • Increase to inventory turns while maintaining a 99.98% on time delivery
  • Seamless transition with ZERO interruptions to production floor
  • Quarterly business review track ongoing cost reduction projects and improvements


IFI Connection. Get access to the world’s most complete source for technical information related to the manufacturing, inspection, and use of mechanical fasteners.


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