Rail Industry

The love of rail is in our DNA

Field is the #1 choice for your rail fastener program. By allowing our team to handle all things fasteners, your team can focus on other commodities that can affect your bottom line. With our experience and expertise, we create programs to optimize material workflows, propose cost reductions, focus on continuous improvements and find innovative ways to provide you with excellent ROI.

“Sitting at a railway crossing one evening, it occurred to me that the cars passing by most likely contain fasteners supplied by Field. I thought about all of the miles those cars travel and the freight they carry, and an overwhelming sense of pride came over me. I have a passion for Rail, and every day I have the opportunity to help our partners get their products where they need to be, safely and cost-effectively. It may be a small role, but our fasteners are what holds everything together and that’s a good feeling.”

— Jeff Byrd, Sales Team Leader – Rail

Our Rail Partners Span North America

Field North American Supply

Field’s reach is wide, our supply is vast, and we can get you what you need.

We’re everywhere you need us to be and get you what you need — no matter where in North America you’re located.

Rail fasteners to meet every need

Tap End Studs, Double End Studs

Tap End Studs, Double End Studs

Specialty Seal Nuts

Specialty Seal Bolts

Heavy Hex Bolts for Railcar

Heavy Hex Bolts

Center Pins for Railcar Industry

Center Pins

Brass Grounding Studs for Railcar Industry

Brass Grounding Studs

Locking Pins

Angle Cock U-Bolt for Railcar Industry

Angle Cock U-Bolt

Brake Pins for Railcar Industry

Brake Pins

Clevis Yokes for Slack Adjusters

Clevis Yokes for Slack Adjusters


Manway Eyebolt Assemblies

Route Car Holders for Railcar Industry

Route Car Holders

Our Value-Added Capabilities

Our Engineering-Based Approach

As an OEM product supplier for rail, we know what you need — and we can supply all of it. As experts in Rail, we know that a bolt is not just a bolt.

Our value-added engineering helps you reduce overall costs and save money on aftermarket repairs.

Learn more about Field’s engineering-based approach to fastening.

Our VMI Programs

We use a data-driven approach to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that is proven to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. You’ll always have appropriate stocking levels based on your business conditions and needs.

Learn more about Field’s VMI programs.

Anyone can deliver fasteners. We deliver ideas.

When was the last time your inventory system provided you with ROI? When you partner with Field, it’s every time.

Our ROI+ Process starts with our team understanding how material flows through your entire organization from start to finish. We work with your production floor personnel so we can get a clear vision for which processes on your assembly line need our help. We look for ways to help reduce your overall cost of fastening, improve operational efficiency and make sure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

ROI+ It’s about the people and the process, not the parts.

The ROI+ Solution

ROI+  is our process to provide you with bottom-line results through Replenishment, Optimization, Innovation, +our Field team.

ROI+ creates a production floor environment of operational excellence through the use of part analytics, logistics, asset management and innovative tools to provide precise product availability at the point of consumption that yields you the highest ROI possible.


Our Replenishment Process is custom-tailored to your business needs, production models and goals. We are laser-focused on understanding your unique objectives and designing a highly efficient and accurate inventory process that exceeds your expectations at the lowest total cost.


Our Optimization Process begins with a deep dive into how your material flows throughout your facility. We follow your material from receiving all the way to the point of consumption. We focus on continuous improvement of your system and use the data we’ve collected to make better decisions to improve your system performance.

We are able to immerse ourselves in your production and discover cost-saving opportunities and better solutions to meet your needs. We focus on process improvement, engineering improvements, working capital reduction and workflow optimization, because that is where the highest impact is made on ROI for our customers.


At our core, we’re innovators, and through our Innovation Process, we foster a creative approach in order to continuously expand and innovate through design and engineering — both of products and processes. We employ techniques such as line reviews, product teardowns, standardization/consolidations, new product development reviews and other activities. Often, it’s our Innovation Process that creates the most realized ROI for our customers.

+ Field Team

Our front-line technical sales team is indeed the ‘face’ of Field, but it’s the team behind the ‘face’ that makes it all happen.

When you come to Field, you’ll experience first-hand our unique culture. Our culture is one of the main reasons our customers come to Field and stay with Field.

Quite simply, our culture can be defined as ‘a way of life that places a high value on people.’ It’s family-focused, goal-oriented and success driven. We believe that achieving success as a company requires ALL of us — we must each individually strive for personal excellence.

We expect our team to be the best at what they do in their role and what it brings to each of our customers and the entire ROI+ process. We recognize that others are counting on us. It’s challenging, it’s complex, it’s rewarding, it’s AWESOME — it’s Field’s ROI+.

You count on us to get you the right part, at the right price, to the right place, at the right time.

Experience Field. Contact Team Rail.

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