Why Field?

More tools in our toolbox—value-added engineering, data-driven VMI, training courses—to help you identify and drive out costs. A proven, collaborative, technical approach to fastening that's guaranteed. A highly curated "best-source-on-the-plant" supply base. Maybe the better question is, "Why Not Field?"

Why Field?

More Than Parts, A Partner

Field Guarantees Savings

Thanks to our “best source on the planet” global supply chain, Field will find you a competitive price-per-part for any fastener you need—but that’s just the beginning.

More Tools in Our Toolbox

From assembly line reviews that turn process insights into efficiencies, to technical cost reduction engineering, to data-driven VMI, Field has more tools in our toolbox to save your organization money and help your lines run more smoothly.

Proven Results to Reduce Costs

For twenty years, our technical, collaborative approach to fastening has yielded proven results and positive customer reviews, driving our double digital growth. No one is more capable than the Field team at stamping out inefficiencies and providing holistic, smarter fastening solutions. That’s why no one in the industry offers guaranteed, contractual cost savings like we do. Just give us a shot to save you money and we guarantee we will.

Proactive Approach

Our engineers and account managers will proactively present your team with cost-savings ideas you never knew existed; we’ll test your torque hypotheses and present you with optimal ratio recommendations; we’ll provide you with VMI data to inform better purchasing decisions and we’ll help guide you through the implementation of it all.

Welcome to Field

If all you’re looking for is a simple parts catalog, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for a partner to help your R&D department build better products, help your supply chain department better forecast next quarter, and help the operations division better optimize their lines, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Field.


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