Transitioning to Field

Thanks to dedicated cross functional teams, a plan for every part, and the Field guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your transition, just like the hundreds of transitions before you, it will be seamless.

Why Field?

There’s No Time For Downtime

Flawless Supplier Transitions. Every time.

The misconception that a supplier transition has to come with lost profit and/or downtime can keep an organization from making a much needed change.  Field understands this and that’s why no team is more accessible, detail-oriented, and responsive throughout the transition process.

When you transition with Field, we’ll help you over the hurdles with:

  • Our dedicated, cross-functional team
  • Customized plan to determine timing, actions, requirements for transitioning the newly awarded business
  • A Transition Plan “Action Register” specific to your business
  • Single person handles a part from start to finish
  • Minimized shortages, outages, confusion and transferring of responsibilities
  • Technical recommendations based on 20 years of expertise, from quoting a part, to creating a new part, to choosing a supplier, to getting part on order
  • Gap Analysis – Plan for Every Part
  • Experienced knowledge of on-hand and on-order quantities compared to usage on a part-by-part basis
  • Identification of parts in shortest supply
  • Development of clear priority listing of most critical parts through transition

Our cross-functional implementation teams have successfully executed hundreds of transitions. We are dedicated to efficiency and committed to leaving no SKU behind (unless of course, we’re recommending a consolidation of your inventory). Before taking any action, we develop a detailed plan of action that is specific for your business, including everything from a review of your current demand and inventory, to print reviews, and even bin-size recommendations.  And only once our vision for the plan has aligned with yours will Field get to work.

With Field, your business will never be paralyzed during a transition. Our transparency and technical approach are designed to actually give you more control over the process. We’re just here to ensure it’s successful. As we have been, for over 20 years.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“One of the factors as to why we selected Field as our new hardware supplier was their ability to project manage a critical supplier transition.  Our fastener transition, which consisted of over 1,500 individual parts involving four business units, exceeded our expectations. The Field team met each critical benchmark goal during the implementation phase. Developing a dedicated implementation team where each member had a defined role enabled Field to guide us through the transition.  Project activities such as part to print review, specification recommendations and print cleanup, bin size proposals and replenishment process where all covered in detailed with our team. The results were a seamless transition from a very complicated transition.”

-Pat, Director of Operations

“The transition to Field from the previous supplier was very smooth. Part shortage or availability was never an issue and Field converted more than 2,000 parts, including kit components. Field managed the process and was very timely in their responses and approach. They have resources that are accessible and they actually do what they committed to, including Engineering cost reductions, inventory reduction, onsite support, etc.”

-Janet, Supply Base Manager

Our approach to vendor transitions is just one more reason why Field has experienced 19% growth year-over-year for the past 22 years and been named an INC 5000 Company two years in a row.

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