Field Culture

What it’s like to be a Field Customer

“I would 100 times recommend Field because they have their act together as a company internally and they really do care about their customers.”

- Dave Biancofiore

Our tagline, ‘More than Parts, a Partner’ encapsulates everything Field strives for in our customer relationships. From recruiting and training, to structuring our cross-functional teams, Field works everyday to become an extension of customers’ organization and to provide them with a proactive, data-driven, cross-functional approach to fastening that’s guaranteed to reduce costs and eliminate headaches.

“Field brings more to the table than just a price quotient. They bring together value-added services of engineering, design, application, processes, and supply chain to the table.”

- Michael Skrypek

Field works closely will all customers, especially new customers, to fully understand their needs and pain points. From there, Field is very adept at adding value into each step of the manufacturing process – from new product design through assembly. Instead of just suppressing price on a particular component, we’ll redesign the workflow or product design to use a completely different screw or process. We even run training sessions for customers designed to help eliminate waste, reduce labor costs, and forecast accurately.

“What separates Field from the majority of suppliers is they take it to the next level as far as the value they add. They encourage and push you to get better.”

- Pat Oddo

Every day, we strive to go above and beyond what is simply asked of us, to help our customers spend less time managing suppliers and purchasing fasteners, and more time running their businesses. Less time worrying about and validating fastening and joining methods, and more time designing their products. Each Field customer has at least one thing in common: they’re not simply looking for a company that will provide a quote a price per piece. They’re ultimately looking for a partner and a team of experts who can help their operations run more efficiently and more profitably.

“They really excel in their value engineering and their dedication to that aspect... they said right up front that they will guarantee initial cost savings year after year and they have shown they have the expertise to guarantee it.”

- Greg Sachs

When it comes to fastener engineering, Field proudly boasts a robust team of highly talented engineers. But what makes Field unique is how we structure and deploy those resources. From our owners, to outside sales, to VMI technicians, to account managers, to the actual engineering group, no one knows more about fastening than Field. We’re constantly on our customers’ shop floors and out in the field to proactively pursues cost saving opportunities such as line reviews, product teardowns and fastener consolidation, to name a few.

“The transition to Field from the previous supplier was very smooth. Part shortage or availability was never an issue and Field converted more than 2,000 parts, including kit components. Field managed the process and was very timely in their responses and approach.”

- Janet, Supply Base Manager

Field’s cross-functional implementation teams have successfully executed hundreds of transitions. We’re dedicated to efficiency and committed to leaving no SKU behind. Before taking any action, we develop a detailed plan of action that is specific for your business, including everything from a review of your current demand and inventory, to print reviews, and even bin-size recommendations. Once our visions are aligned, Field gets to work.


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