Field Culture

What it’s like to work at Field

“To be a part of the Field team means that you are part of a family.”

- Tim Firm, Director of Human Resources

Core Values, “Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation, Flexibility, and Fun” provide the foundation upon which Field’s unique culture and approach to conducting its business are built. More than words on a wall, Field’s Mission Statement and Core Values are incorporated into its recruitment and hiring process, its team member performance evaluations, and into its team member recognition program.

“Team and culture are great words, but they don't do it justice, we are more than a team, we are family, here to look out for each other, no one is greater than the whole, and through this belief there is nothing we cannot achieve. I am excited for the future and look forward to celebrating my 45th anniversary with Field!”

- Brandon Plock

Many businesses emphasize teamwork but at Field, teamwork isn’t an abstract concept or a catchy phrase, it is vital to producing strong business results and necessary in enabling each individual to meet and exceed personal and company goals. The overall objective of each team member is to take care of our customers and to contribute to making Field successful. Individual goals align with departmental goals, which align with company goals and those company goals are a collaboration of leadership and team member input. Effective communication, open sharing of business results, regular discussion of strategic objectives, interaction with customers, cross-functional teams, and understanding how each role contributes to desired outcomes produce a sense of ownership in each team member.

“Field is committed to the growth of all our team, by investing in our employees we are investing in our future. Continuous Improvements are part of our culture, not only continuously improving our processes but also continuously improving each other and our teams.”

- John O.

Just as unique and important to Field’s success as an employer and as a business is the Field Development Program which is a defined 18-24 month training program that includes a Technical track and a Business Professional track. The Technical track includes those pursuing careers in engineering, sales, and quality; the Business Professional track focuses on preparing team members for roles in account management, sourcing, human resources, accounting, and leadership. Participants engage in rotations through all functional areas of the business in order to develop skills and knowledge relevant to Field’s entire business model, in addition to their primary field.

“Our culture is so unique as is our team philosophy. We don't just talk it, we walk it and it's what makes us so successful and what makes Field leading in the industry. Our leaders are second to none! They are very family oriented and understand the need for flexibility to care for our family.”

- Michelle

Emphasizing a balance between work life and personal life requires flexibility. It’s a “give and take” approach that understands the importance of meeting business commitments without sacrificing time with family and special life events. Flexibility also extends to our approach to schedules, needs, and opportunities within Field. We draw on available resources, experiences, and talents to adjust to needs and opportunities regardless of our schedules in order to help our customers and our team members. By embracing flexibility, we believe it is possible to not miss a shipment to a customer or a child’s school event.

“Field has a work hard approach that constantly challenges our team and requires dedicated team members to maintain best-in-class in our industry. Field balances that with a play hard approach that rewards our team for a job well done. I put a high value on all the relationships that I have developed over the years working at Field and I am proud to say I work for a company that truly cares about its employees.”

- John O.

If you were to survey most businesses, few would dare list fun as a core value, but not at Field. At Field, fun means working together as a team to achieve our mission, and to have everyone who interacts with us, LOVE us. Field is fun because team members are empowered to do what is right, and to make decisions that are best for our customers. Field is fun because Field is flexible and places a great deal of value on time spent with family. Field is fun because it allows you to give back to the community and work in an environment where you are encouraged to get to know other team members outside of work in order to form lasting friendships. That’s because when you work with your friends, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. This is how Field makes work fun.

“Field is an outstanding organization totally committed to our local community. It is our only industrial partner with 100% employee participation in the United Way Community Campaign. The Field Team supports numerous local organizations through its financial and volunteer support of many efforts to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

- Paul A. Logli - President & CEO - United Way of Rock River Valley

Perhaps nothing demonstrates commitment at Field any better than its community support. For seven consecutive years, Field has had 100% participation in United Way by its team members; no other company in the Rock River Valley can come close to that level. Additionally, giving back to the community takes the form of donating time, energy, talents, and funds to local non-profit groups. It’s not about simply sending a check but about volunteering to help. Another way this Core Value is applied is through one of Field’s unique benefits–team members are given up to one week of paid time off each year to volunteer at a non-profit organization.


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